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FIC: Elephant (2/2) 
17th-Mar-2012 09:33 am
Title: Elephant (2/2)
Author: tessisamess & sparklpocalypse
Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Dave Karofsky/Kurt Hummel
Rating: NC17
Word Count: 11,041 // 21,777 total
Warnings: Sexual themes
Spoilers: General spoilers through the end of season 2.
Summary: When Dave starts his second semester at OSU, the last person he expects to run into on campus is Kurt Hummel -- after all, last he knew, Kurt was off to kickstart his glamorous life in New York. He and Kurt have never been friends, but now that he's out and the only person Kurt knows on campus, and the threat of high school humiliation is no longer looming, what's to stop them from trying?
A/N: This story was written for the first round of Pirate Big Bang (now known as Kurtofsky Bang). We’d like to thank Matthew Lillard, Lacey Chabert, and Steve Sandvoss for their faces. Without them, Tripp, Jess, and Tyr wouldn’t have been nearly as fun to write. Additional thanks go out to Shih Tzus, for being so easy to mock. And of course, special thanks to our artist Lauren (silver_paired) and beta Chandra (someonesneaky) for their unflagging support and hard work!

One: Exposition

Dave parted ways with Jess after walking her to the locker rooms to get changed for practice. It had taken nearly the entire walk to worm his way out of babysitting Napoleon, but he'd managed. Which was good because, fuck, that dog did not like him. And really, showing up to lunch with Kurt holding a pink, rhinestone puppy purse? Not really how he pictured it going down.

The plans had been rushed; Kurt was on his way out the door for something with his a cappella group when Dave called, but he'd gotten a yes for lunch. He didn't know why he'd been so nervous calling. Kurt had said he liked him. Held his hand. Fucking hugged him when Dave dropped him off at the dorms. If that didn't mean Dave was in the green, he didn't know what did.

The group was halfway through their second number when Dave walked into the courtyard where they were performing. Kurt, who was waiting for his solo line in the bridge, only noticed him as he resumed his position in the background, a smile immediately flitting across his face. The next two minutes were a blur of choreography, vocal instrumentation, and one of the senior members announcing their impending show at a venue in town. Then, as one, the group scattered to mingle with the onlookers.

Kurt, his smile growing wider as a warm feeling spread in his chest, made a beeline for Dave. "Hey," he said as he came to a stop in front of the other man. He bounced lightly on the balls of his feet and asked, "What did you think?"

"Very cool," Dave laughed. "You guys kicked Queen's ass." He wasn't sure if Kurt's smile was because of the show or seeing Dave but, either way, he liked seeing it.

"We were better than Vocal Adrenaline at Regionals, sophomore year," Kurt gushed, his hands fluttering excitedly for a moment. "They wish they had a guitar like me. Jesse St. James, eat your heart out." He linked his arm through Dave's, which had been conveniently anchored by Dave's hand in his jeans pocket. "Ready to go?"

"Yup." Dave ...didn't know who Jesse was, but Kurt was definitely better than anyone with a name that ridiculous. He smiled slightly when Kurt slid his arm into his. "Oh, um. I brought your shirt."

"Oh, thanks." Kurt had been wondering when he was going to get his clothes back -- but when Dave had said something about a frat brother and a beer bong, Kurt had insisted the details remain vague. "Practice go well this morning?"

"Kind of a time crunch 'cause shit got scheduled wrong and the girls needed the ice an hour earlier than we thought, but it was okay." Dave didn't feel the need to mention that Jess had 'needed' him to come walk her to the rink as a way to try and pawn her dog off on him.

"If I know you, you'll be back out on the ice this afternoon, making up that hour during open skate." Kurt adjusted his scarf with his free hand and gripped Dave's arm more securely, his cheeks coloring a little when he felt the firmness of muscle through the layers of fabric beneath his fingers. Kurt hoped that Dave would think his face was reddening due to the cold, and not because Kurt was objectifying him.

"Yeah, probably," Dave admitted with a laugh. "Not the diner, I'm assuming." He'd offer to take Kurt back to the house and cook something, except he didn't know how to cook. And anyway, he was pretty sure all they had was old pizza, Pop Tarts and beer.

Kurt shook his head. "I'd rather not be reminded of the place that destroys my hairstyle with steam and bits of nylon designed to torture my head. How about the deli?" he asked as they left the courtyard. "I could go for soup and a sandwich, and they don't get the rowdy crowds until the dinner shift."

"Sure, yeah." To be honest, Dave was pretty sure he'd agree to going to a restaurant that only served fucking monkey brains if it meant he was having lunch with Kurt. The deli was pretty good though. And probably more in his price range than Dunston's headgoo.

"Well, then. Shall we?" Kurt smiled at Dave as they turned toward the direction the deli lay in, secretly enjoying the brightness of Dave's eyes and the pink flush that the cold was giving his nose and cheeks. He wondered why he'd never noticed the peculiar, attractive shade of Dave's eyes before now, or the subtle curve of his lips. As Dave nodded and they headed for the deli, Kurt decided he'd pay more attention from then on.

Dave got the door for Kurt as they headed into the restaurant; before he came out and his mom had assumed he'd be taking girls out she'd always said to hold doors open, but he guessed it transferred over fine because she'd also said it wasn't because women were weak (that part of the conversation had sort of turned into a weird girl power rant), but that it was just the polite thing to do. So Dave figured it didn't change just because Kurt was a dude.

Kurt shot Dave a grateful smile and stepped inside. One hand went to the buttons of his coat, unfastening them carefully. "Oh, tomato basil," he murmured as he took note of the soup of the day board near the door. "Grilled cheese it is." He pulled out his wallet and flipped through it, pulling out a $5 bill. "Here," he said, handing it to Dave. "Can you order for me while I get us a table?"

Dave took the money, wondering if he'd misinterpreted things, or if he was just misinterpreting now. Either way, he planned to give it back, hopefully with the result of confirming that this was a date... or something. He agreed as he got into the (thankfully short) line to get their food.

After hanging his coat carefully from the back of his chair, Kurt adjusted his scarf again and sat down gracefully. Within the next few minutes, he'd know for sure whether this was a date -- or a friendly meet-up. It surprised him a little, just how intensely he was hoping it was the former.

As Dave brought their food back to the table, he figured there was only two ways it could really go. Either Kurt would make him take back the five that he'd stuck on top of Kurt's soup lid or he wouldn't. He didn't let himself over think it; whenever he did that -with pretty much anything that made him nervous- he wound up bitching out.

Kurt took the soup and slipped the money back into his pocket, hiding a smile. "Thanks," he murmured.

"No problem." Dave grinned, relieved that he hadn't been seeing shit that wasn't there.

Kurt pulled the cap off his soup. "Tomato basil?" he asked.

"What you wanted, right?"


Dave was pretty much the reigning champ at forgetting at least one thing every time he walked out the front door. This time, it just managed to be something that wasn't his. While he'd remembered to bring Kurt's shirt from the party, now clean and dry, he'd left the other's jacket sitting right by his bedroom door on the back of his computer chair.

When he asked Kurt to come back with him so he could get it he knew how completely staged and fake it sounded, even if it was the truth.

"Sure, yeah," Kurt agreed. "I like that jacket." He took Dave's elbow, a smile curving his lips as he did so. It was, he decided, incredibly nice to be tactile with someone again without them shying away or being related to him. "Now?"

"Now wha-- oh, oh right, yeah." Dave's question veered off into a sheepish confirmation as he shook himself out of the happy stupor that, yeah, Kurt was touching him. Kurt was touching him a lot.

"Great," Kurt replied. "Um... which way?" Given how obscenely large the campus was, and the fact that he'd only been to Dave's frat house once, he felt pretty sure it was a legitimate question.

Dave laughed quietly, leading Kurt in the right direction. "Where're you?" he asked, partly out of curiosity of which dorm Kurt was living in, partly so he wouldn't say something retarded. And anyway, he hadn’t made it all the way to Kurt’s dorm after the party -- once they’d reached the quad, Kurt had insisted that it was late, and that Dave had practice in the morning, and that he could definitely make it back to his room unaccosted.

"Fourth floor, Baker Hall West," Kurt said. It had been sheer, dumb luck that had landed him in a dorm with a dance studio and practice rooms in the same building. If only his roommate weren't such an ass, it'd be perfect. "You should come by sometime."

"You in a single or...?" Not that it mattered, really. Kurt could be rooming with the biggest asshole on campus and he'd still come over. Once or twice. Then he'd probably find excuses for them to hang out at the house instead.

Kurt shook his head. "I wish. I'm rooming with the only guy I've ever met whose level of sloppiness trumps Finn's when his mom first married my dad, and who thinks that the inside of our communal fridge is a good place for his razor."

"Come live at my place for a week, dude. You'll be begging to live with your roommate. You haven't lived until you've been chased out of the bathroom by the goose someone left in the shower after a party." Dave joked. Well, partly; the pissed off bird in his shower had actually happened.

"You're joking," Kurt said. When Dave didn't confirm his statement, Kurt blinked. "You're... not joking." He tilted his head, glancing up at the other man. "There aren't any geese in your house now, are there?"

"I seriously hope not," Dave grinned. As his frat house came into view, Dave tugged his keys out of his pocket. Nine times out of ten the door wasn't locked during the day since there was so much in-and-out going on, but it was habit leftover from when he lived at home.

"Looks different when it's not full of drunk people," Kurt offered as they ascended the stairs.

"Someone's always drunk in this house -- usually Tripp -- but yeah; definitely quieter." The front door, just like he'd assumed, was unlocked. Tyr and John were in the middle of a co-op mission that didn't look like it was ending any time soon, from the way they were both firmly lodged into the couch, but otherwise things were pretty quiet.

"Your room's up there, right?" Kurt asked, gesturing at the stairs. He took off his coat and hung it on one of the multitude of empty hooks near the door, rolling his eyes at the pile of winter outerwear on the floor below them as he did it.

"Yeah. You want me to go get your jacket, or did you wanna come up?" Dave asked.

As Tyr's friend on the couch let out a loud string of obscenities at whoever had just shot him in the face, Kurt decided, "I'll come with you."

The trip upstairs was a lot easier without people falling asleep drunk on the stairs or empty red cups littering the narrow hallway. Kurt had been in his room before and, even though it shouldn't have felt like a big deal, as he lead the other man upstairs it... kind of did, anyway.

Kurt tried not to stare at Dave's broad back as he led the way to his room. Glancing down and away changed Kurt's focus to his ass -- he coughed and looked back up. Dave's back, it was.

"Sorry, by the way," Dave threw over his shoulder. "I knew I forgot something when I left; just didn't realize it was your jacket."

"It's alright," Kurt replied. "I'm sure you took good care of it." He stopped just inside the doorway, waiting for Dave to retrieve the garment.

"Oh, totally. After using it to to clean off a bunch of pigs after a mud bath? Kept it perfectly safe." Dave grinned, turning back to Kurt as he held out the other man's (completely mud free) jacket. He paused for a second. Dave had always liked Kurt's eyes, even in high school before he'd developed what could really be called a crush, he'd always thought they were pretty. Not that he was about to go waxing poetic about them or some shit, but he did really like looking at them.

"Well, that's more than I probably should've expected considering who you live with," Kurt replied. He curled his fingers around the jacket and tugged gently, his gaze meeting Dave's when the other man didn't release it right away. Kurt swallowed, and his lips parted to inhale, softly and shakily as he observed the intensity of Dave's expression. Without pausing to think, he stepped in closer and, using the jacket to tug Dave forward, he wrapped his free hand around the back of Dave's neck and leaned up to kiss him.

Dave went with the pull easily, stepping in as one arm slipped firmly around Kurt's waist. He thought about kissing Kurt a lot. He wasn't sure if the amount of time he spent thinking about it technically qualified as "unhealthy," but it probably did take up more of his time than was strictly necessary. It was weird, how Kurt tasted so familiar and so... not at the same time.

Kurt tossed the jacket aside and, sucking on Dave's lower lip, blindly felt for the door. He shoved it shut when his fingers connected, then twisted his hand into Dave's hair with a little moan.

Dave's breath hitched as he backed Kurt up against the door, pressing in close as they kissed. He reached over and locked the door, not knowing if they'd actually need that sort of privacy or not, but not wanting to run the risk of being walked in on. And, with the kind of people he lived with, it was a pretty good bet that if he left it unlocked someone would come in without knocking.

Breaking the kiss for a moment, Kurt slid a hand down Dave's back to grasp and tug his hoodie up, over his head. Then he found Dave's mouth again with his own, even as his hand found the warm, bare skin of his back where his t-shirt had ridden up. His fingers splayed wide, then curled against the dip of Dave's spine.

Dave's hands slipped between them, making quick work of pulling his scarf off. He abandoned Kurt's mouth, head ducking down as his mouth found the newly exposed skin of the other man's neck.

"Oh god," Kurt gasped, the hand in Dave's hair sliding down and curling around his shoulder, and then slipping between them to grasp at the hem of Dave's t-shirt. "Off, get this -- "

Dave nodded hurriedly as he pulled away just long enough to haul his shirt up and off, tossing it onto the floor before plastering himself against Kurt again.

The door dug hard into Kurt's back, and he arched it to relieve the pressure, draping one knee around the back of Dave's. The movement brought their groins together and he gasped, his hands grasping at Dave's sides, as the firm line of Dave's cock pressed against his inner thigh. "Here, let me -- " he muttered, his words cutting off as his mouth found Dave's jaw. He reached between them and unbuttoned his shirt with somewhat unsteady fingers.

The second he was able to, Dave pulled Kurt's shirt off, hands smoothing down his stomach, lips finding the side of his neck again. Slowly, Dave sunk to his knees, mouth never once leaving Kurt's skin. He slid his hands down the front of the other man's thighs as his head ducked lower so he could mouth at Kurt's cock through his jeans.

Dave's grip shifted to the backs of Kurt's knees before travelling upward to cup his ass as he stood again, lifting him off the ground as he licked a slow stripe up the side of Kurt's chest.

Dave's hot tongue skittered over his nipple and Kurt said, "Oh god," once more with feeling. He grabbed Dave's shoulders to steady himself as Dave straightened. His arms slid more firmly around Dave then, and his ankles locked behind his ass. Chest hair, thicker than his own, rubbed against his already sensitive skin, pulling a moan from low in his throat.

Dave stepped away from the door, pulling Kurt with him as he turned them, carrying the other man to his bed. "Want you -- so fucking much," he mumbled against Kurt's mouth, kissing him.

As Dave reached the bed, they pitched toward it. The jolt when they landed broke the kiss long enough for Kurt to hiss, "Yes," and then they were kissing again, Kurt's legs hitched up against Dave's sides, his hands sliding over Dave's broad back. It took a moment for Kurt to figure out Dave's rhythm, but when he did, he began to roll his hips in time with Dave's, rubbing their still-clothed groins together.

Dave broke the newly-gotten rhythm after a few seconds, lifting his hips away as he reached between them to get at Kurt's fly, clumsily getting them open so he could work his hand down the front. He'd never actually touched another guy before. He'd thought about it a lot (thought about touching Kurt a lot, more recently), even had a few chances to get laid at parties they threw, but none of the few other times had gotten quite this far; something always got in the way. It wasn't what he wanted, wasn't what the other guy wanted, wasn't what either of them wanted. But this was different. Really, really different.

Kurt liked to pretend he wasn't just as hormonally-driven as the next guy -- but when Dave's hand wrapped around his shaft, he was reminded of just how long it had been since anyone had touched him. "Fuck," he muttered, his hips twitching as he bit his lip and reined in his control. He forced himself not to buck into Dave's grip -- or worse, to come all over himself in three seconds like an overexcited middle schooler.

Dave decided pretty quickly that he really liked the way Kurt was responding to him; the little movements of his hips that implied he was trying not to respond more. It gave him a sense of control that he hadn't had throughout most of his life. Not that Dave was into the idea of controlling, but that it was him making Kurt hard; that he was the reason the other man was turned on... yeah. He liked that.

Dave pulled his hand away long enough to tug Kurt's pants further down his hips, over the curve of his ass, before he started touching him again, settling on top of him as he traced Kurt's lower lip with his tongue.

Kurt was not muscle-bound in the traditional sense -- but years of dance had toned him enough that it was easy to push Dave over onto his back so he could get at his belt and unfasten it. "Let me see you," he murmured. He unbuttoned Dave's fly one-handed, the other landing on Dave's chest and pressing down gently to keep him still. He could feel Dave's heart pounding beneath his fingers, see him panting, and his eyes --

Kurt looked away before he was lost, focusing on exposing Dave's erection. His impressive erection. With his long fingers, Kurt was able to encircle it in his grasp with no problem, but it was still a generous handful, pulsing in his grip and glistening at the tip. He took his hand from Dave's chest and reached back to pull off his shoes and socks, then shimmied out of his pants, all the while slowly stroking the other man's cock. Then he leaned forward and, taking Dave's mouth in a kiss, he rubbed the length of his naked body against Dave's.

Unlike Kurt, Dave let himself push into the firm grip around his cock, one arm immediately moving to wrap around Kurt's waist as he moved against him. Dave sucked on the other man's bottom lip as he slid his thigh between Kurt's legs, rubbing against him.

"Pants off," Kurt murmured into the kiss. He rocked his hips against Dave's, doing nothing to help him remove the offending garment.

Dave tried for about half a second to get them off before he gave in and rolled them, pinning Kurt on his back as he kissed him before sitting up to tug his jeans down so he could kick them off. As soon as they were on the floor, though, he was right back on Kurt, sucking on the side of his neck as he moved his hips, rubbing their cocks together with a rough moan.

Kurt wrapped his legs around Dave's waist, thrusting up against him as Dave ground down. One hand caught the back of Dave's head, and the other twisted into Dave's sheets as he arched his back, trying to get closer. "Dave -- " He broke off on a gasp, his eyes squeezing shut. " -- you can fuck me if you want to."

Dave sat up a little so he could look at Kurt, swallowing thickly. "D'you want to...?" he asked quietly. Part of him felt like it was a stupid question. After all, they were in bed together, naked and hard and all over each other.

"Do you?" Kurt asked. He leaned up and kissed Dave, more softly than the continued gyrations of their hips warranted. "It feels pretty good, and I thought..."

"Wh-- yeah, I do." Dave replied, maybe a little too enthusiastically. "I, um, yeah," he said again, more calmly this time, with a slight laugh.

"Okay," Kurt murmured, pulling Dave back down. "Okay." He pulled Dave in for a kiss, scraping his teeth along his lower lip and chasing the scrape with his tongue. For a minute, he lost himself in the kiss, in the taste of Dave's mouth and the rumbling moans that built up in Dave's chest. Then he caught one of Dave's hands in his and guided it down between them, canting his hips upward as he did so.

Dave let go a shuddering breath as his hand slipped between Kurt's thighs. He didn't realize he'd be so nervous, but there it was, nearly freezing him up for a second before he got a grip on himself. Everyone had a first time once, and if he wasn't very good he'd (hopefully) get a chance to try again.

With the quick reality check came a realization. "Um -- hold on," he mumbled, leaning over Kurt as he reached over to pull open his nightstand drawer and dig out a bottle. It occurred to him that the condoms he kept in there hadn't even been opened, which suddenly seemed like kind of a big deal, especially since it wasn't like he could open the box without bringing attention to the fact that they'd never been opened in the first place.

The cap of the lubricant bottle flipped open with a soft snick and Kurt bit his lip, relaxing into the bed. He spread his legs wider and he released the bedding, reaching instead for his cock to rub it slowly with an open hand. Then he noticed just how much Dave's hands were trembling.

Kurt released his cock and sat up, putting his hand on Dave's instead. "Hey," he said. "It's okay. It's just me." He smiled gently, his eyes on Dave's, and took the lube from him, then squeezed a small amount onto Dave's fingers and guided them back down. "Here. Go slow -- get used to it." His eyes fluttered shut again as Dave's cool, wet fingers connected with his perineum, then slipped further down to press lightly against his hole. "Good, that's -- " Kurt gasped, falling back against the sheets again, as the pressure increased and Dave's fingers began to rub, " -- that's good."

"Yeah?" Dave settled on top of Kurt again, resting his weight on one arm, kissing him as he touched him. Slowly, he started working his middle finger into Kurt, thumb rubbing firm circles against the spot behind his balls as he did.

Kurt nodded. "Yeah." He slid a hand down between them and encircled Dave's cock again, jerking it slowly as Dave's finger sank deeper.

"Fuck, you're tight..." Dave murmured against Kurt's mouth as he worked his finger in and out of him, then wondered if it was actually okay to say that sort of shit in real life.

"Good?" Kurt managed. His mouth latched onto the juncture of Dave's shoulder and neck, sucking kisses into the warm skin.

"Sorry," Dave laughed quietly, head tilting to the side. His cock pulsed heavily in Kurt's grip as he worked another finger in, hand moving a little more confidently.

"It's okay," Kurt assured him. He rolled his hips in time with Dave's fingers and dragged his mouth upwards, his lips grazing Dave's ear. "I like your voice. Doesn't matter what you say." His tongue traced the shell of Dave's ear, and then he caught the other man's earlobe lightly between his teeth before sucking on it.

Dave shuddered, the feeling of Kurt's teeth and tongue on his ear causing him to thrust into the hand around his cock. "Feels good," he muttered, fingers pressing deeper into Kurt as he twisted his wrist.

"Better once you're inside," Kurt offered with a twist of his wrist. His thumb brushed over the leaking head of Dave's cock, pulling a moan from the other man, one that Kurt echoed a moment later in response to Dave's probing fingers.

Dave pulled his fingers out, sliding them back in with a third a second later. "Can I, um. Go down on you?" he asked, pressing in deep before before spreading his fingers.

Kurt's entire body, predictably, screamed yes. Aloud, he responded with a marginally more sedate, "Yeah, do it."

Dave couldn't help but grin at the enthusiastic response, pulling his fingers out as he leaned over to reach into the drawer again. He tore open the side of the box of condoms, telling himself he was (as usual) overreacting over the fact that they'd never been opened. If anything, Kurt would think it was just a new box, not his first box. Aaand then Dave looked like a complete freaking whore. Awesome.

Kurt observed Dave's minor freak-out through heavy-lidded eyes, wondering if he should intervene again. But before he could decide, Dave, with an apparent burst of confidence, had torn open a condom packet. Kurt rubbed his cock a few times then moved his hand away, letting Dave roll down the condom.

Dave shifted down the bed, settling between Kurt's legs, one arm sliding under his thigh as he slid his fingers back in. Dave ran the flat of his tongue up the length of Kurt's cock before taking the head in his mouth. Latex, he decided, wasn't the best taste in the world, but the heat and weight of the other man's cock as he took it into in his mouth? That was fucking nice.

Kurt, for his part, was doing everything he could to keep still, while Dave's fingers in his ass and mouth around his cock were doing everything they could to make him writhe. He had the feeling this was Dave's first time -- the enormity of being Dave's first would likely hit him more fully later, well into the afterglow -- and he felt it would be impolite to fuck his mouth on his first try at a blowjob. He settled for a soft, "Mmyes," instead, hoping it was encouragement enough for the other man.

Dave's free hand smoothed its way up Kurt's stomach as he sucked him off, fingers curling inside him as he brushed his thumb over the other man's nipple. His eyes stayed locked on Kurt's face, tracing the line of his throat and the curve of his jaw.

Hissing, Kurt twisted his hands into the sheets as Dave's fingers nudged his prostate, causing his cock to twitch and his thighs to tense. "Shit," he muttered. "Right there." He reached blindly above his head and grabbed Dave's pillows, wedging them behind his head so he could see without propping himself up, then reached for Dave's shoulder and cupped it. It was Dave's first time, he reminded himself again. He couldn't be too aggressive... so he threaded his fingers into Dave's hair, stroking his head instead of holding him there to thrust up into his mouth, like his body was demanding.

Dave moaned around Kurt's length as he took more of it in his mouth; he kept his fingers curled as he worked his fingers in and out of the other man, liking what it did to Kurt. Still... Dave pulled off of his cock, reaching down to stroke it as he did. "You can move if you wanna."

"God, thank you," Kurt blurted, his hips immediately pumping in a slow circle that pushed Dave's fingers further inside him, and then pushed his cock further inside Dave's mouth before withdrawing. His hand stayed on Dave's head, petting his hair as he continued to thrust carefully.

Dave realized pretty quickly that having Kurt moving the way he was, hips almost sinfully fluid in their continuous, slow thrusting, was really getting him off. Soon, he was too turned on to worry about much of anything, least of all whether he seemed like an awkward virgin or a fuck-anything-that-moves manslut. Dave moved with Kurt's hips, pulling up every time the other man took his fingers in deeper, and back down every time his cock slid back in.

As Dave settled into his rhythm, Kurt basically defenestrated all worries of traumatizing a virgin. It was obvious that Dave's building confidence had overwhelmed any of his own concerns, as his clever fingers and hot mouth drew Kurt toward climax. But... "Wait," Kurt muttered, stilling his hips after a few long moments. "Wait, wait. I -- you should fuck me. Before I come, I mean, because I get really sensitive after and -- "

Dave nodded, pulling off of Kurt's cock before surging up to kiss the other man hard on the mouth as he pulled his fingers out of him, then stripped off the condom. He tossed it onto the floor, in the general direction of the trash can, then dug another out, too distracted with Kurt's lips to actually open it at first.

Kurt moaned into the kiss and plucked the condom from Dave's fingers, tearing it open blindly. He put a hand on Dave's shoulder and pushed at it.

"Up, sit up," Kurt urged, and when Dave complied, Kurt sat up with him, thighs draped over the other man's as he reached for Dave's cock and rolled the condom down it. "Okay," he said needlessly, falling back against the sheets and staring up at Dave's open, wanton expression. "Dave..."

"... yeah?" Dave asked quietly as he settled on top of Kurt, cock nudging against the other man's balls.

Kurt's fingers curled over Dave's shoulders and he spread his legs a little wider. "Fuck me," he murmured.

A small, broken noise worked its way up from the back of Dave's throat and he nodded, kissing Kurt roughly as he snatched the lube off the bed, popping the cap so he could quickly slick his cock. He dropped the bottle, vaguely registering the sound of it hitting the floor after bouncing off the side of the bed. He reached between them, holding himself steady as he started pushing into Kurt.

The stretch, Kurt had been prepared for. The fullness, too, but when Dave took his mouth again with a possessive kiss as he pushed in to the root, Kurt realized dimly that this was something he hadn't been able to brace himself for. There was no planning, no analysis -- just them, Kurt and Dave, fucking until Kurt's ability to think was nearly gone.

Dave had already figured he wasn't going to last long pretty much from the start, but once he'd gotten inside of Kurt, it was guaranteed. He worked a hand between them, wrapping it around the other man's cock as he fucked him, determined to get Kurt off before he came.

Kurt let out a surprised noise as Dave began to jerk him off. His hips, which had been undulating in time with Dave's thrusts, twitched and shuddered for a moment before resuming their rhythm, and he pulled Dave's head down to his so he could lick into his mouth and suck on his parted lips. What little coherent thought remained with him focused in on one single, overwhelming fact: he was going to come. Soon.

There was a part of Dave that wanted to make it last longer, even if it was just for a minute or two, but mostly he just wanted to come; to make Kurt come. He groaned against the other man's mouth, tongue darting out to meet his as his hips moved faster, thumb sliding over the slick head of Kurt's cock as he worked it.

Normally, Kurt prided himself on his poise and articulation. However, after about five rubs of Dave's thumb against his frenulum, he was pretty sure that the string of syllables that erupted from his mouth weren't even English. It took only a few more rubs before Kurt was coming hard, his thighs tense and his hands clutching at Dave's back as he cried out into the other man's mouth.

Dave let out a low noise when Kurt came. He could feel him tightening around his cock, spurring him on to speed up, his hips slapping against his ass. With the noises Kurt was making it didn't take much to send Dave over the edge, biting down on the other man's bottom lip as he came with a rough moan.

Kurt broke the kiss and pressed his cheek against Dave's as he panted. He ran his hands down the other man's broad, sweaty back, feeling the muscles twitch and shudder beneath his palms. Dave's hand slid away from Kurt's cock, and Kurt lifted his hips lazily as Dave withdrew. He spotted a box of tissues on Dave's nightstand and plucked out a couple, wiping himself off haphazardly with limbs that didn't quite want to work correctly.

Dave stripped the condom off, tying it off before he threw it away, actually bothering to get it in the can this time, then settled into the bed next to Kurt. As he came down from his high he wondered, with an accompanying flash of panic, if Kurt was going to get dressed and leave. Not that that made much sense; they weren't at one of the frat's out of control parties, and this wasn't some drunk mistake. Of course, that still left the category of Impulsive Mistakes wide open, and--

"So, I..." Dave had opened his mouth before he really knew what it was he wanted to say, so he let it stay unfinished.

Kurt curled into Dave's side and smiled. "Date?" When Dave nodded with a relieved expression, Kurt continued. "Saturday afternoon. I’m thinking we could go to the winter carnival running in town."

"'Kay," Dave agreed, pulling Kurt a little closer to him, resting his chin on top of the other man's head as he settled in for a nap.

"FUCK YEAH!" Something thumped loudly against Dave's door. "KAROFSKY'S A FUCKIN' MAN NOW."

"...sorry." Dave sighed.


Between a tidal wave of homework assignments that had born down on Kurt, and Dave's hockey schedule, Kurt hadn't actually seen the other man outside of class for a few days. In fact, the last time Kurt had seen Dave in a non-classroom setting had been when Dave had walked him home, stopping every few dozen yards to push him against the nearest tree, building, wall, and on one occasion, car (they'd bolted after a moment because the alarm had gone off) to kiss him, a few hours after their shared lunch and subsequent ridiculously good sex. So when their winter carnival date rolled around, Kurt found himself outside the Sigma house a half-hour before they'd agreed he'd be there.

When the doorbell rang Dave made sure he was the one to get the door. After the brief-but-embarrassing virginity loss party outside of his bedroom door, he really didn't need to give his housemates any more chances to humiliate him. He was a little surprised that Kurt was so early, but happy for it. He'd made the mistake of getting ready way too early, which meant he'd been sitting around thinking of all the ways he could still seriously blow it.

"Hi," Kurt said, feeling a little dazed as Dave opened the door. "Sorry I'm so early."

"Oh, it's cool. I was j--"

"Dave's totally been waiting around for you for like half an hour!" Someone shouted from the kitchen.

"You wanna go?" Dave asked, already grabbing his hoodie off the top of the pile.

"Yes, I do," Kurt replied, smiling. When Dave had finished putting on the hoodie, he stepped in and craned his neck upwards to kiss him. One of Dave's housemates catcalled from somewhere inside, and Kurt flipped him off with one perfectly manicured middle finger as he broke the kiss. "Okay. Now I'm ready."

Dave pulled the door shut behind him as they stepped outside, pretty sure the grin on his face bordered on idiotic.

"So, the carnival is only a few blocks from here. We could walk, or I've got a car on campus if you'd rather drive," Kurt offered. He took Dave's hand, lacing his gloved fingers through Dave's as they ascended the stairs. "Up to you."

"We can walk," Dave shrugged. It was cold out, but that had never really bothered him. Honestly, his biggest concern at the moment was to put distance between themselves and the house before one of his friends decided they wanted to tag along.

"How was yesterday's game?" Kurt asked after a moment. "Sorry I couldn't make it -- I forced myself to finish my homework before today, so I could relax and have fun without thinking about my history paper."

"Fucking terrible. Trust me -- don't mention it at the house or you're never gonna hear the end of it." Dave felt a little guilty not being as bent out of shape over the game as his teammates, but he was finding it hard to be bothered by much of anything the past few days.

"I haven't become your team's Yoko Ono, have I?" Kurt asked with wide eyes.

"Wh-- no," Dave laughed. "I promise, it wasn't your fault. Of course, most of the guys are blaming the ref -can't say I disagree- but you know how it is sometimes. Oh, and uh..." Dave's cheeks colored slightly. "The girls said you're welcome to start sitting in their little section for the games." The row of seats was informally referred to as the Girlfriend Section, but Dave didn't really want to call it that, considering Kurt wasn't, well, a girl. Or his boyfriend. He didn't think, anyway. Actually, he wasn't sure.

"They might change their minds when they realize how much I get into games," Kurt commented. He'd seen the section Dave was referring to -- the players' girlfriends would paint cute designs on their faces and hold up signs for their boyfriends. Now Dave was inviting Kurt to make a sign for him which, Kurt acknowledged with a smile, made Dave his boyfriend. "But I'd be happy to join them," he decided.

"Well, don't say I didn't warn you if they swarm you worse than the girls at the party did." Dave grinned. "But, um. Don't feel obligated to sit with them or anything. I mean, they get really into game days. Well, in their own way. They'll probably try and drag you out for whatever the hell it is they do that takes five hours the day before the game."

"Five hours?" Kurt asked, already envisioning epic mall trips and spa days.

"Five. Hours. Sometimes more like seven." Dave rolled his eyes.

Kurt's brow furrowed. "Don't they have classes on Thursdays?"

"Girl World stops for no man -- or, like, class or whatever." Dave replied, imitating the girl who'd said those exact words to him when he'd asked that.

"They won't shun me if I chose my GPA over their game prep, will they? Because back at McKinley I was an honorary girl with all its accompanying perks -- but only if I could keep my grades up." They stopped at an intersection and Kurt dropped Dave's hand, taking his elbow instead.

"Nah, I think that'll be fine. There are a couple of the girls who choose their classes over getting prodded by strangers and they're still allowed to sit there, so."

"That's a relief," Kurt said. "I had this suspicion that at some point during the five hours of game prep, people would start trying to touch my face again." He shuddered.

"What, like this?" Dave teased, reaching over with his free hand to obnoxiously run his hand down the side of Kurt's face.

Kurt leaned away to evade Dave's hand and shook his head. "Well, at least you weren't demanding to know which moisturizer I use."

"Moisturizer goes on your face?"

"How do you have skin?" Kurt wondered aloud.


By the time they got to the carnival, Dave's arm had found its way around Kurt's waist, thumb tucked into one of his belt loops. It had already occurred to him that his last actual date had been in high school (the rest since then having been more invites to the parties his frat had than anything else) and he wasn't even sure if that counted since it had been with Santana.

As they made their way into the expo center, Kurt looked around, assessing the carnival. "There's a surprising lack of lameness here," he said. "What do you want to do first?"

"I'll be honest," Dave laughed. "The last time I was at one of these things I was like twelve."

"Well, then," Kurt decided, "Time for a refresher course without the parental presence." He grinned at Dave and gestured in the direction of what amounted to a fairway at this carnival. "Let's see what they've got to entertain us."

"We might even be tall enough to get to ride all the big kid rides!" Dave joked, letting Kurt lead the way. It didn't look like there was too much in the way of actual rides, which suited Dave just fine since he probably wouldn't get on half of them anyway.

"You were tall enough to ride the big kid rides when you were eleven," Kurt replied. "I, on the other hand, was banned from them until well into high school. I was pretty sure I'd inherited some seriously short genes until halfway through our sophomore year -- and I'm still not totally convinced that Coach Sylvester didn't slip me some artificial growth hormones while I wasn't looking, after I joined the Cheerios."

"You weren't that short," Dave replied, then laughed. "Actually, yeah you were." he corrected himself with a lopsided grin. He snickered as they passed a booth where a toddler was getting his face painted like a tiger. "You know you want in on that action."

"You first," Kurt replied blandly. Then, when Dave smiled in a way that Kurt realized likely meant trouble, he added, "Although I must warn you, I'm much less likely to drag you off into some corner to kiss you if you look like Godzilla."

"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, thank you very much." Dave laughed, giving in easily as they passed up the booth.

"Well, I did have a crush on Raphael when I was little," Kurt admitted. "Hey, look!" He pointed towards a row of booths against the far wall. "They've got the same totally rigged games as every other carnival."

"Wanna go see how much money they can screw out of us?" Dave asked with a slight tug to Kurt's arm.

"Absolutely," Kurt replied, grinning.

There were all the usual games, every single one just as rigged as the last, but that wasn't really what it was about, so Dave wasn't exactly bent out of shape over the fact. They saw the toddler from the face painting booth again at the ring toss game, Dave having to turn away to hide his laughter as the chubby "tiger" decided he had the game figured out and just started climbing the wood divider to put the ring on one of the bottles. To the carney's credit, he let the kid have a prize anyway.

"I think he's got the right idea," Kurt commented as he shouldered a BB gun, planning on causing some paper star carnage.

"Yeah, but I think you need to be three feet or shorter to be allowed to get away with that." Dave replied as the kid's dad led him on to the next game. "You know how to use one of those?" he teased, moving behind Kurt to get out of someone's way.

Kurt tilted his head. "Well. In theory..." It couldn't be that difficult, could it?

Dave laughed, then stepped back a foot. Just in case. "Guess we'll see, huh?"

"It can't be any more difficult than Duck Hunt," Kurt murmured as he took aim.

It was a lot more difficult than Duck Hunt. Six BB's later, the star was in exactly the same shape it had been before Kurt had picked up the gun. "At least there's not a dog mocking me." He put the rifle down. "Want a turn?"

Dave was pretty sure if Kurt couldn't get it, he wouldn't be able to either. After all, the gun was chained to the fucking table, and Kurt was the shorter one. Even so Dave took a turn, doing about as well as he'd expected to.

"Shame," Kurt said as they left the booth. "I was really hoping for that Bulbasaur plush toy."

"Psh. That Patrick doll was where it's at," Dave argued, hand slipping into Kurt's.

"Heathen," Kurt declared. He laced his fingers through Dave's and nudged him with his shoulder. "Are you up for some overpriced carnival food that we can probably only eat for a few more years before it gives us indigestion like nobody's business?"

"Always," Dave agreed.

"Ohmigod, hi!" Dave almost jumped at the sudden squeal, glancing behind him to where Jess was waving like she hadn't seen them in two years. He almost snorted when he saw who she was with.

"Uh, are you guys on a date?" Dave asked, biting back a laugh.

Jess looked at Tripp, then rolled her eyes. "So not. I needed someone to hold my baby while I accept my crown."

"The thing hasn't even started. You don't know you're gonna win." Tripp drawled.

"Well, whatever."

"She tried to get them to let the dog enter, too," Tripp stage whispered. Dave looked at Napoleon, who was bundled up in a puffy, hot pink winter coat.

"What are you doing for the talent part of the pageant?" Kurt asked, trying to be polite.

"I told her to just flash her tits. It's better than--"

"I'm yodeling." Jess cut him off, beaming proudly.

Kurt was a bit taken aback but, still working from an angle of politeness, replied, "I, um. Can't wait to see it. What about you, Dave?"

"Pffyeah. If it's anything like last time it'll be hilarious." Dave laughed.

Jess swatted Dave's arm. "I'm a good yodeler!" she protested.

"Glad it's you this time, dude," Tripp added.

Dave was just about to start wondering if their date was about to turn into a group thing when Jess announced that she needed to go get ready and, with a goodbye and a "you better come watch," she left, dragging Tripp along with her by the sleeve.

"That," Dave muttered, "is gonna be a disaster."

"But an entertaining disaster," Kurt replied with a shrug, already imagining reenactments from Miss Congeniality. "Now come on. Let's go get something we'll regret eating later."


The winter pageant was just as hilarious as Dave had anticipated, though it was more because of some of the other girls rather than Jess. It turned out, when she wasn't six beers and five shots in, Jess actually could yodel. Napoleon couldn't, but that didn't stop him from howling along once she was up for the talent competition.

She didn't win, but the flowers she got for being the runner up seemed to be enough for her. That, and being able to smack both Dave and Tripp on the chests when she came down from the small stage, giving a triumphant, "I told you losers I could yodel."

"I never had a doubt," Kurt lied, smiling brightly. "Your flowers are beautiful."

"Right?" Jess glanced around and, once she was satisfied that the winner wasn't within earshot, continued. "I was totally better than that girl, wasn't I?"

"Absolutely," Kurt drawled. "I mean, who tap-dances while twirling flaming batons anymore?"

"Ohmigod, right?! Exactly! She was totally just showing off."

"Well, it was a talent competition. That's kind of the -- nevermind." Dave held his hands up in surrender at the withering look she shot his way.

"If it's any consolation," Kurt said, "she nearly set her bobby socks on fire during the finale."

One of the other contestants walked by their group and Tripp pawned the dog back off on Jess, saluting before wandering off after her.

"So what're you guys doing here, anyway? Are you on a date?" she asked, drawing the word out in a cooing tone. Dave rolled his eyes. If the fact that they were on a date wasn't the most obvious thing in the world, he didn't know what was.

"As a matter of fact, we are," Kurt replied. He took Dave's hand again. "Our -- "

"Ohmigod, is it your first date?!" Jess gushed. "That is so cute. Almost as cute as Napoleon -- isn't that right, puppy?" She nuzzled the dog affectionately.

"Yeah, everything's just 'ohmigodsocute,'" Dave deadpanned, fighting the urge to back away. It wasn't that he didn't like Jess -- hell, she was practically family at this point -- but first dates generally didn't come with a girl and a spoiled dog in tow. Well -- okay. Maybe for some guys it did, but.

"Oh. Right. You guys wanna be alone," Jess leered. "Well that's okay. We were gonna get some cotton candy anyway, weren't we?" she cooed at the dog. Napoleon probably didn't have the slightest clue what cotton candy fucking was, but he seemed excited anyway.

Kurt watched her walk away before turning to Dave. "She's..." He realized quickly that he didn't really have words to describe her, so he gestured vaguely instead.

"Definitely," Dave laughed, nodding back toward the games. "C'mon. We've still got some time before it gets dark."

"And I've still got a little money the carneys haven't taken," Kurt replied.

"Are they technically carneys if half of them are church volunteers?" Dave wondered aloud as they made their way back toward the games.

"Maybe they're some sort of carney-congregant hybrid," Kurt offered. They passed several stands, then a pretzel vendor who was chatting up one of the pageant contestants. As they continued walking, they passed a photo booth and Kurt paused. "You want to?" he asked, nodding at the booth.

"Screwing around in a semi-public place?" Dave joked. "I'm not that kind of girl, Kurt." Even as he said it Dave changed his course, taking Kurt's hand.

"Sadly, I think there might be some rule about keeping your pants on in here." Kurt pulled back the curtain and stepped inside the booth.

The booth was one of the old-school ones, Dave noted thankfully. It didn't offer clipart borders, or sticker versions of the photos to slap onto everything you owned, or big "BEST FRIENDS 4EVER" banners. It just wanted three bucks for four badly-timed photos. He got into the tiny booth with Kurt, laughing under his breath.

"I might have to sit on you," he teased.

"Careful, I might like that," Kurt replied, his cheeks coloring slightly as the words left his mouth. He sat down and slid as far over to one side as he could, then set about fixing his hair using the tiny, terribly warped mirror affixed to the inside of the booth just to the side of the camera lens.

"It looks fine," Dave snorted, pulling out a five to feed the machine. There was something incredibly silly about wasting money on a photo booth when they both had camera phones, just like everyone else, but Dave kind of liked it.

Kurt was still focused on his hair hair when the first flash went off. "Dammit! I wasn't ready," he complained.

"Ready now?" Dave grinned, leaning over as he reached back to undo the work Kurt had just done to his hair, and then some.

Kurt squawked and reached up to bat Dave's hand away... just as the camera flashed a second time. "Just so you know, I'm destroying these photos the second they're printed," he informed Dave primly.

"Aww, don't be like that!" Dave laughed. "Here, I'll fix it." he said in a placating tone, fingers threading through Kurt's hair to push it back. "There... good as new," he murmured with a slight smile. In all honesty, it wasn't much better, but Dave was too stuck staring at the other man to notice that his handiwork wasn't all that... handy.

"Thanks," Kurt said, smiling back as he tucked a strand back into place. The camera went off again and he glanced at Dave, catching the fond smile the other man was directing at him.

A second later, Dave found himself on his back on the ground outside of the booth, one leg still on the bench inside and a very warm, very kissy Kurt on top of him. A couple of middle school girls who'd been waiting their turn stared at the pair of them, snickering behind their hands.

Kurt braced his hands on either side of Dave's shoulders and pushed himself up. "Obviously there are a few kinks to work out of our photo booth kissing technique," he commented blandly. "I can't wait to see how that last picture turned out."

"I'm sure your ass looks perfect, don't worry." Dave grinned, pushing himself up onto his elbows.

"In these jeans? It'd better," Kurt replied. He stood and offered Dave a hand up as the booth spat out their strip of photos. Rather than give Dave's change back, which he'd been half-expecting, it shot a duplicate strip into the slot a few seconds later, which Dave quickly snatched up and stuck into the front pocket of his hoodie in case Kurt decided to destroy the original.

Kurt plucked the original photo strip out of the little bucket it had fallen into and examined it. Then he tucked it into his pocket with a half-smile. His hair was (likely still) a disaster, but the way Dave was looking at him more than made up for it. He pulled out his phone and used the front-facing camera as a mirror to fix his hair again, then pocketed the phone again and took Dave's hand. "Come on. I've got about ten bucks left to lose on this place before I've exhausted the cash in my wallet."

"Sounds like a plan." Dave agreed. He wasn't sure exactly how much he had left, but ten sounded like a pretty good guess for the contents of his own wallet as well. "I don't think we let that one screw us out of money," he said, gesturing toward a booth set up with a milk bottle throw game.

Kurt nodded in agreement. "Your turn to go first," he said as they approached the booth.

"I'm gonna make this game my fucking bitch," Dave grinned, then faltered when a lady who was walking away with her son glared at him. "Uh, sorry."

Kurt stood back and watched as Dave paid the carney and then picked up the first baseball. "Win me something adorable," he urged.

Dave laughed. "Well now I feel pressured!" he mock-whined before winding up to throw the ball. It hit the top bottle and bounced right off into the booth, the bottles stacked just as perfectly as they'd been before he threw the ball.

"That was just a warm-up," Kurt said in an encouraging tone.

A little embarrassed, Dave nodded. "Yeah, totally." he agreed, ignoring the carney's slight smirk. The second pitch went about as well as the first.

As Dave picked up the final baseball, Kurt asked, "Third time's a charm, right? You've got this."

Dave was pretty sure Kurt was just being nice, but he appreciated it. He was definitely losing Man Points over this or something. He bounced the last ball in the palm of his hand, letting out a slow breath before winding up to throw it.

The ball connected with the top bottle on the stack, causing it to teeter for a moment before settling back into place. "Do you want to try again?" Kurt asked, wondering if hockey players should get some sort of handicap for things involving baseballs.

Dave laughed, a little awkwardly, ignoring the fact that he could feel his face going red. "I think that's all the humiliation I can take for one day," he replied, admitting defeat.

"My turn, then," Kurt said. He pulled out his wallet and paid the carney, who retrieved the baseballs and put them back on the table. He picked up the first one, running his thumb over the stitching on one side as he tilted his head and eyed the bottles in front of him.

It occurred to Dave then that he'd never seen Kurt do much of anything in the way of sports, unless cheerleading counted, and he wondered if the other man was any good. A second later he got his answer, when Kurt sent the bottles clattering off the stand with his first ball.

"Huh," Kurt murmured. He reached for the second ball, then tossed it once and caught it. "That must've been a fluke," he declared as he stepped up to the next bottle stack.

Dave shoved his hands in his pocket as he watched Kurt get ready to throw the second ball. He was settled on an odd mixture of being proud of Kurt, and feeling sort of like a pussy (but that was mostly thanks to the fact that the guy running the booth was clearly trying not to laugh at him).

As the second stack of bottles landed on the ground next to the first one, Kurt blinked in surprise. "You know," he said as he picked up the last ball, "when I was seven I insisted on signing up for Little League in one of a long string of attempts to be masculine enough to make my dad proud of me -- before he convinced me that I didn't have to, of course. Every time I got the ball, all my teammates would groan in frustration because my throwing ability was... well, let's just say that my arms are better suited to other things." He turned the baseball over in his hands and added, "Also, I screamed whenever someone threw the ball in my direction."

Dave huffed a laugh at that, the provided mental image priceless. "Please tell me your dad recorded some of those games."

"You'll never find them," Kurt vehemently swore, thinking of the shoebox full of video tapes under his bed at home. Then he aimed for the bottles and threw.

"Oh, I think I could get you to tell me where they -- " Dave blinked as the third pyramid of bottles went down.

Kurt and the carney both stared at the empty bottle stand. The carney shook his head a little to clear it, then asked, surprise still evident in his voice, "So, what'll it be?" and pointed at the top shelf of prizes.

Kurt turned to Dave. "You pick," he said. "You were going to win something for me. I am... beyond baffled that I'm able to return the favor."

"Wh-- I, uh..." Dave faltered, shifting awkwardly from one foot to the other as he looked up at the stuffed animals on display. He was pretty sure the last time someone had given him a plushie he was still wearing shirts with monster trucks and Power Rangers on them. "Dude, look at that fatass elephant," he laughed suddenly.

"One fatass elephant, coming right up," the carney said. He pulled the very purple stuffed animal down from the shelf and held it out for Dave.

Dave shook his head as he tucked the toy under his arm, then carded his fingers through the back of Kurt's hair, pressing a quick kiss against the side of his mouth. "My hero," he teased.

"Not the first time I've been called that, but it's definitely the first time facials or fashion weren't involved," Kurt admitted. He leaned into Dave's side as they meandered away from the booth. "Well, I'm officially out of cash. You?"

"Broke as hell," Dave grinned.

"Our work here is done," Kurt declared.


The walk back to Kurt's dorm was colder than when they'd left Dave's house, but freezing his balls off was a totally worth-it trade off to have Kurt pressed in close the whole way back. Even so, he was glad to get inside the building once they got to it.

"The elevators are sort of temperamental during the day, but by now they should be working fine," Kurt said as he led Dave down the hall. As far as first dates went, although he didn't have a lot to compare it to, Kurt decided that today's had been pretty amazing.

"Well, if we get stuck at least we have company," Dave joked, holding up the overstuffed elephant.

"Think it's big enough to sleep on?" Kurt asked.

"Probably not for both of us, but that's okay. If the elevator locks us in you can use it." Dave held the elephant out, wiggling it in front of Kurt's face. "He likes yooou."

"He likes you more," Kurt countered. "You picked him."

Dave groaned, fighting back a grin. "I'm gonna get my ass kicked for having this," he replied, not sounding very put out about it.

"I'll protect you," Kurt deadpanned as the elevator doors opened.

"You better, since I clearly can't take care of myself," Dave laughed as they stepped into the elevator. "Man, that was pathetic. Not even one down."

"It's obviously rigged -- I mean, considering the fact that I can accidentally win it, but you, the actual athlete, can't," Kurt replied, patting Dave's arm consolingly.

"Four, right?" Dave asked, fingers hovering over the buttons. "I think you just gotta face facts, Fancy. You're just more manly than I am."

"Four, yeah," Kurt said, and he watched as Dave pushed the button. "And you might rethink that statement the next time I disappear into a spa for more than an hour."

Dave leaned back against the wall of the elevator, watching Kurt as he turned the toy over in his hands. "Have fun?" he asked, a slight smile flitting over his mouth.

"Oh, you know," Kurt replied, "a bit." He grabbed Dave's hand as the elevator stopped and the doors opened, and led him toward his room.

"Just 'a bit'?" Dave asked curiously, nudging Kurt with his shoulder.

"Okay, more than a bit," Kurt said. He pulled his ID card out of his wallet as they approached his door. "You make an excellent date."

"Thaaat's right," Dave drawled with a wide grin. "You were pretty cool too, I guess," he added after a slight pause.

"High praise," Kurt replied blandly.

"I'm kidding and you know it," Dave laughed. "This is gonna sound so fucking lame, but tonight was the best time I've had in a really long time."

Kurt pocketed his ID again and leaned against the wall next to his door. "Same here," he admitted. "Months, at least."

"Well, that's good. I don't feel weird asking if you wanna go to dinner after the game on Friday."

"I don't feel weird saying yes," Kurt replied with a grin.

"Awesome," Dave murmured, resting one arm on the wall by Kurt's head as he leaned in to kiss him.

Dave tasted like corn dogs and cotton candy. The combination should have been disgusting -- and it likely would have been, had Kurt not been distracted by the feeling of Dave’s lips on his -- but instead it only served to make him ask, "Do you want to come in?" when they broke the kiss a long moment later.

"I do..." Dave admitted quietly before he stepped away. "But I'll see you in class on Monday."

Kurt sighed. After a bit, he replied, "You'll see me before then if you come to the diner for lunch tomorrow."

"I think I could swing that." Dave smiled. He leaned in for another kiss, but broke away before he could change his mind about going in with Kurt. He wanted to do things right.

"See you tomorrow," Kurt murmured as Dave stepped back.

Kurt watched Dave tuck his purple elephant under his arm and make his way back to the elevators before turning to grin one more time at him as the doors opened. As Dave stepped onto the elevator, Kurt dug his card back out of his pocket and unlocked his door -- and for the life of him, he couldn't stop smiling.

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