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FIC: Serendipity—Hold the Cliché (5/?) 
23rd-Jul-2012 07:27 am
Title: Serendipity—Hold the Cliché
Author: Tessisamess & Sparklpocalypse
Pairing: Kurtofsky
Side Pairings: Finchel
Minor Pairings: Tike, Blaine/OMC
Rating: NC17 (overall)
Genres: Slice-of-life, romance, future!fic, college!fic, angst
Spoilers: Canon up to 3x14
Warnings: Don't highlight unless you want spoilers! Character death (not Kurt or Dave), homophobia, and a serious lack of spontaneous singing.
Word Count: 5,316 // 21,435 (of ~80,000)
Summary: Sometimes you find love in someone new; sometimes you find it hiding in plain sight. Kurt and Dave have been friends since their senior year of high school, but when they unexpectedly run into each other at a Halloween party everything changes.

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four

Love & Breadstix

Kurt ground his ass down around Dave's cock with a groan, circling his hips as he bottomed out. His hands slipped on Dave's sweaty sides and he gripped them more tightly, thighs flexing as he raised up again. The look on Dave's face was mesmerizing—open, affectionate, and, to his surprise, the slightest hint of disbelief. "I love you," he murmured, his eyes falling shut as he slid smoothly back down.

Dave's breath hitched quietly, hands smoothing up the tops of Kurt's thighs. "Fuck..." he muttered, hips moving slowly. "Love you, too..."

"Love your cock," Kurt continued, his movements slow and sinuous as he fucked himself on it. "How it feels in my hand, on my tongue, fills me up..." His own cock dragged against Dave's lower belly, leaving behind sticky traces of pre-come. "How you use it..."

Dave's hands settled on the other man's ass, squeezing as he growled Kurt's name. "Jesus, babe."

Kurt gasped, tilting his hips back so he could press his ass further into Dave's hands as he rode his cock. "Your hands, too," he muttered. "Love those. So strong, so big... " Dave could so easily hurt him accidentally with those hands, but big and strong as they were, they were also so careful when they touched him. "And, mmm, your mouth..." Kurt bent down to kiss that mouth, the movement of his hips increasing in speed as the new angle sent heat through him.

Biting down on Kurt's bottom lip, Dave slid his legs up, planting his feet on the mattress so he could move his hips more. "Gonna give me an ego," he joked weakly, voice low and rough.

"Good," Kurt replied against his cheek. He ran his hands up Dave's sides, tugging very lightly on his chest hair. "Love this, too," he muttered. "And these, and these—" his hands traced further up, over Dave's shoulders and biceps, before planting themselves on the bed on either side of Dave's head. "All—fuck—all of you. Love all of you," he declared, biting his lip as he began to ride Dave in earnest.

Dave held back a groan, hands slipping up to Kurt's hips to grip them tightly and still them as Dave started moving, slamming up into him with a low noise.

Kurt cut off his next sentence with a whine. He clung to Dave's arms as Dave fucked hard and fast up into him, drawing out a long "Fuck..." amid a slew of incoherent noises.

Dave's breath came in ragged pants as he moved; he kept his hold firm to keep Kurt in place, hips hitting the backs of his thighs noisily. "Good?" he ground out.

"Uh-huh," Kurt moaned. He palmed his cock with one hand, pressing it up against his belly as Dave's thrusts jolted his body with every upstroke, his hands keeping Kurt from bouncing off. He'd never been fucked like this, not ever—all his previous partners had assumed that he was too fragile for it, but Dave... "More," Kurt rasped.

Using his hold on Kurt, Dave obliged, pulling the other man down onto his cock every time his hips lifted. He hissed sharply after a second, holding Kurt still as he reached between them quickly to squeeze the base of his cock, breath caught in the back of his throat. Once he seemed sure he wasn't going to come, Dave let go, taking hold of Kurt's hip again.

Kurt whined again as Dave began to pummel his ass in earnest, his eyes rolling back. It was so good, so fucking good, and he opened his mouth to tell Dave so but all that came out was a sharp, short cry each time Dave pulled his ass down onto his cock. All Kurt could do was hold on tight to Dave's forearm and—"Shit, shit—" he gasped suddenly, his eyes wrenching shut as his left thigh cramped. "Stop for a second, shit..."

Dave stopped immediately, brows drawing together as he pulled himself up onto one arm, shifting Kurt in his lap. "What's wrong?"

"Leg cramp," Kurt muttered through gritted teeth.

"Bad?" Dave asked, not even trying to hide the laugh that arose.

Kurt made a face and rubbed at his thigh, nodding. "Give me a minute," he said. He winced and straightened his legs carefully, the movement dropping his ass further down in Dave's lap and shifting Dave's cock inside him.

Dave stifled a grunt, reaching down to help, large hand curving over Kurt's thigh as he started working the muscle. "I think you'll live," he teased.

"I don't know, it might fall off," Kurt replied, biting off a groan as Dave's fingers kneaded his cramped thigh firmly.

"I don't think it works that way," Dave drawled, then huffed a laugh. "Okay, off," he murmured, carefully lifting Kurt off of his cock. "My dick hasn't gotten the memo yet."

Feeling decidedly empty, Kurt willed the cramp away faster. "I think I'm better," he said.

"Give it a minute or we'll just be doing this again in thirty seconds," Dave chided with a smirk, hand still working slowly.

Kurt absolutely didn't pout at Dave's response, but his lower lip may have jutted out a fraction. He leaned in and kissed Dave, hoping he wouldn't notice.

"You're such a brat," Dave murmured, biting at the other man's bottom lip.

"Can't help it," Kurt replied against Dave's mouth. "Only child until I was fifteen." He trailed his fingers down Dave's side, curving them around his hip, and wondered at his self control. His latex-covered cock was straining against Kurt's thigh, his chest still heaving, and he was forcing himself to pay attention to Kurt's leg, which really was feeling better, now. "God, I love you," Kurt murmured.

"Yeah, well. I loved you first, so I win," Dave joked, hand letting up on its ministrations.

"I wasn't aware we were competing," Kurt replied. He let Dave manhandle him back into position and gave his thigh a stern look, hoping it wouldn't cramp up again.

Dave laughed at that, reaching down to hold himself steady as he slid back into Kurt with an almost relieved sigh. "Fuck, you feel good," he mumbled.

"You too," Kurt said in response. He pressed his forehead against Dave's shoulder as he wiggled his hips to adjust the angle of Dave's cock inside him just slightly.

Wrapping an arm around the other man to hold him close, Dave started moving again, this time more slowly. He pressed a kiss into Kurt's hair, letting out a slow, uneven breath.

Kurt bent his knees, pressing his heels against the mattress. His hands found Dave's thighs behind him and he began to rock with Dave, each roll of his hips bringing his ass flush with Dave's pelvis, then thrusting his cock against Dave's belly.

Dave's hips sped up slowly this time, mindful of Kurt's leg, but soon enough he was fucking the other man just as hard and fast as he had been before, little clipped off groans escaping him in a low string.

Bracing himself against the bed and Dave's thighs, Kurt raised his hips high enough so just the head of Dave's cock remained inside him with each downstroke. The resulting hard, deep thrusts, combined with the strain on his muscles, made his whole body tremble within only a minute, and as he relaxed he dropped back down into the cradle of Dave's hips, grinding his ass in circles against him.

Dave lifted Kurt again, this time so he could sit up, turning to lay the other man back on the bed, reaching up to grab one of the pillows as he did. "Lift up," he instructed, holding himself up on one arm.

Kurt raised his hips, allowing Dave to wedge the folded pillow underneath them. The position curved his spine so his legs fell toward his chest, and his ass was spread wide. He felt his face flush as Dave stared down at his hole, even as he licked his lips and spread his legs wider to wedge his shoulders between his knees.

Dave let out a deep, growl of a moan at the sight of Kurt quite literally bent in half. He braced his weight more firmly before pressing back into Kurt, wasting no time in reestablishing the rough pace.

Kurt muttered incoherently as Dave pistoned his cock within him. He braced his hands against the headboard to keep Dave from fucking him across the bed, wishing vaguely that he could jerk off in time with Dave's thrusts. If he let go of the headboard, Dave would fuck him into it. If he didn't grab his cock...

Spreading his knees further apart to change the angle, Dave started fucking more quickly into Kurt, fisting the pillow behind the other man's head in one hand.

Dave's new angle brought the head of his cock right up against Kurt's prostate, rubbing it firmly with each pass, and Kurt realized abruptly that he was going to come, cock relatively untouched. Kurt curled his fingers against the headboard, the tips of them going white from the pressure, and let out a ragged moan as his balls drew up and he came, thick lines of semen painting his chest and belly, all the while being fucked relentlessly by Dave.

Dave groaned as Kurt came, obviously feeling it. His gaze landed on the other man's face as he reached between them, wiping the come off of Kurt's stomach to coat his hand before wrapping it around his cock, stroking him quickly before he could even think about the possibility of going limp.

Kurt whined and squirmed as Dave jerked his hypersensitive cock. "Too much," he whimpered, "too—oh, fuck..."

"You were saying?" Dave managed, twisting his wrist.

"Fuck," Kurt gasped again. Smug bastard. He was hard again—still—and Dave had not slowed his pounding thrusts, and Kurt thought, for the first time since he was thirteen and had just discovered masturbation, that he might be able to come again within a few minutes.

"Feel good?" Dave asked, tone almost teasing, his thrusts lengthening.

"Yeah," Kurt moaned, his back arching. "Can't..." He made a gesture that, in the vague recesses of his mind, he hoped conveyed his inability to speak coherently at the moment. He reached for Dave then, wanting the other man's weight pressing him down into the bed, wanting his mouth close enough to lick into.

Dave gave into the tug easily, kissing Kurt a little messily as his movements gained a slightly desperate quality to them. "Fuuuck," he groaned against Kurt's mouth.

Kurt draped his legs over Dave's shoulders and kissed him back. His fingers raked through Dave's sweaty hair and he grunted softly into the kiss with each of Dave's thrusts, too loose-limbed and exhausted from his first orgasm to fuck up against the other man.

Letting go of Kurt's dick, Dave pushed himself up, holding himself over Kurt on his hands as his thrusts grew rougher and a little uneven. "Oh god—godfuck," he groaned as he came, burying himself deep inside of Kurt. He pulled out after a few more slow slides in, reaching down to hold the condom on as he did.

"Stay there," he murmured as he sat up, taking the condom off so he could tie it shut before getting off the bed.

Kurt reached for his cock, jerking it slowly with one hand and rolling his balls between the fingers of the other as he turned his head to watch Dave walk over to the trash can by his desk to dispose of the condom, blatantly ogling his strong back and legs and his rounded ass as he moved. He licked his lips unconsciously and let out a soft moan when Dave turned around, revealing the rest of him.

"Enjoying yourself?" Dave asked, laughing softly. He crawled back onto the bed, getting between Kurt's legs and settling on his stomach before pushing the other man's hands out of the way. He bit down on the inside of Kurt's thigh, sucking as he slid two fingers into him.

"Yes," Kurt hissed. He lifted his legs long enough to slide his arms under them, then wrapped his arms around his knees, holding them against his chest. His dick throbbed in Dave's hand as the other man rubbed his thumb against the rim of his tender hole, and he moaned Dave's name raggedly.

Dave curled his fingers, leaning in to suck one of Kurt's balls into his mouth briefly before turning his attention to the other man's cock, licking a slow stripe up it before taking it in his mouth.

"Oh God," Kurt muttered, releasing his legs to clutch at the bedding. He didn't know if he could come again, spent as he felt, but damn if he wasn't willing to try. "David, please..."

"Mmm?" Dave hummed in question, tongue flicking over the head of Kurt's cock as he looked at him. His fingers stayed deep in the other man, curled and stroking.

"Please, I need..." Truth be told, he didn't know exactly what he needed, but more of Dave's mouth on his cock and fingers massaging his prostate—that was a good start. "Just... don't stop," he gasped.

Dave chuckled quietly before sliding down on Kurt's cock, taking more of it in. His fingers never stopped their work once as he worked to slowly take more of the other man's length every time he slid his mouth down on it.

The next few minutes were clouded by a haze of amazing sensations for Kurt. Part of him was hyper-aware of Dave's hands and mouth; the rest was too incoherent with pleasure to recognize them. He only became aware that he'd come a second time when he opened his eyes to meet Dave's concerned hazel ones. "Mmph," he muttered, finding that his mouth didn't want to work correctly. "Hey," he tried again. His arms flopped around on the bed when he attempted to wrap them around Dave. "I think you broke me."

"Mission accomplished," Dave joked softly, leaning down to press his lips against Kurt's forehead.

Kurt nudged his nose against Dave's chin, then kissed under his jaw—it was the only place he could reach, given his current range of mobility. "Lie down with me," he murmured.

Shifting to the side so he could comply, Dave settled on the bed next to Kurt, one arm slipping around his waist as he did. He grinned slightly, hand smoothing down one of the other man's thighs. "You're shaking," he teased softly.

"Huh," Kurt replied, having just noticed the way he was trembling. "So I am. Your fault," he accused without malice, smiling tiredly at Dave.

"It is," Dave agreed, not even trying to hide his pride over the fact.

Smug bastard, Kurt thought again. He huffed a laugh and said, affectionately, "I love you."

"I love you, too," Dave replied with a small smile, dropping a kiss onto Kurt's shoulder.

Kurt smiled in return, tilting his head so it pressed against Dave. His arms felt mostly normal again, and his thighs had almost stopped shaking. "We should have relationship milestone sex more often," he declared. "I know I don't do take-backs, but I'd be willing to make an exception if it meant more sex like that."

"We can have sex like that whenever you want—just so long as it isn't right now," Dave teased.

"I think my dick might start crying if I suggested it get hard again right now, anyway," Kurt deadpanned.

Dave snorted loudly, smacking Kurt on the hip lightly. "Oh, I dunno. I think you could take it."

"Maybe it's your turn to take it," Kurt replied, waggling an eyebrow, adding, "... once my stamina returns."

"That sounds like a good plan," Dave agreed, huffing a laugh, then added, "if it can wait until tomorrow."

"I don't think I can promise you anything before then." Kurt pressed a kiss to Dave's chest and then sat up gingerly, hissing as all of the muscles he'd strained over the past hour announced their presence at once. "Where's the bathroom?" he asked.

"To the right at the bottom of the stairs," Dave instructed, hand smoothing over the side of Kurt's thigh.

Kurt placed his hand over Dave's and looked around the room. "Next question: where are my pants?" He could've sworn he'd had them when they'd gotten to Dave's room, but as far as he could tell, they'd vanished from existence.

"That one's... gonna be a little harder to answer," Dave laughed. "Just grab some shorts out of my dresser and, uh. Hold 'em up I guess." he offered with a grin.

Kurt stood slightly unsteadily, feeling Dave's hand slide away from his thigh. He looked at the dresser, gauging the distance between himself and it, and decided he could definitely walk all the way there.

Unfortunately, his legs decided differently, and they buckled after three steps. "I'm okay," he declared, his voice muffled by the carpet. "Your floor broke my fall."

Dave sat up, looking down at Kurt for a second before laughing loudly. "Oh my god," he gasped. "Priceless." Dave slid out of bed, wrapping an arm around Kurt's waist to help him up.

"Rude," Kurt muttered, but he was grinning as well, and a little more careful of his stride as he continued to Dave's dresser.

"You weren't complaining a few minutes ago," Dave replied, hiding a smirk. "Need any help...?" he asked, tone more serious.

"Yes," Kurt commented, only partially because he wanted Dave closer again. "Which drawer are your shorts in?"

Stepping up behind Kurt, Dave drew the other man back against him with one arm as he reached over him to open the second to top drawer. He was proving to be more of a hindrance than a help, though, as he buried his face in the side of Kurt's neck, mouthing slowly at his skin.

Kurt moaned softly and closed his eyes, his dick giving a valiant but feeble little twitch as Dave's mouth found the hollow of his clavicle and sucked. "God, I can't," he complained. "My brain might permanently lose all higher function this time." He edged away from Dave and reached into the drawer, pulling out the first pair of shorts his fingers connected with.

"That wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing," Dave joked, staying on his feet to keep an eye on Kurt in case his legs gave out again.

Kurt bent slightly to pull on the shorts, then pulled the cord in the waistband tighter and knotted it so they'd stay up. "Uh, David?" he asked, noticing how threadbare the shorts were in places, "Exactly how old are these?"

"Oh, uh. I dunno. A few years?"

"You know, they sell shorts just like these in town—" Kurt began, but Dave covered his mouth with his hand before he could get any further.

"They're not just like those," Dave explained. "I've spent years breaking those in."

"I can tell," Kurt quipped, his words muffled behind Dave's palm.

"They're comfortable though, aren't they?" Dave challenged with a smirk, hand leaving Kurt's mouth to smooth over his neck and shoulder.

Kurt conceded the point. The fabric was far softer than any athletic shorts he'd ever worn—not that he'd worn many in his life. "Bottom of the stairs on the right?" he asked, glancing at the door.

"Mhmm," Dave murmured, eyes moving over Kurt's body slowly. It was an obvious effort for him to pull away to let Kurt leave.

"I'll be right back," Kurt promised, the right side of his mouth quirking up in a half-smile. Then he opened the door and proceeded carefully down the stairs, holding the railing firmly the whole way.

Dave was back in bed by the time Kurt got back to the room, though he'd taken the time to pull out a pair of jeans and a shirt for the next day, leaving them over the back of his desk chair. The bed was in somewhat better shape than it'd been when Kurt had left.

Kurt untied the shorts' cord and let them fall around his ankles, then pulled back the covers and crawled into bed with Dave, who turned and smiled sleepily at him. He shuffled over, then squirmed until he found a comfortable position, pressed up against Dave's side with one calf draped across the other man's shins and his head pillowed on Dave's bicep.

"Your feet're cold," Dave whined, arm instinctively slipping around Kurt's middle as he rested his chin on top of the other man's head.

"You'll warm them up," Kurt replied.


Dave was, to put it very lightly, nervous. Other than Rachel and Finn, he hadn't seen any of the people who were meeting at Breadstix since high school. He had talked to Santana a time or two but, other than Kurt, he hadn't really kept in contact with anyone from school. Which made him wonder if that would be counted as a strike against him in what was bound to be another awkward round of Is Karofsky Good Enough to Date Kurt?

Noticing the way Dave was dragging his feet as they crossed the Breadstix parking lot, Kurt stopped in his tracks and turned to face him. "Hey," he said, "are you as nervous as I am? I'm still pretty sure they're all in there to stage an intervention, and I've spent most of today thinking up reasons they shouldn't do it, to counteract the reasons they might."

Dave laughed suddenly, nodding. "This is about a thousand times worse than seeing your dad again, and I hate to say it, but I don't think a handshake's gonna cut it this time," he admitted.

"We get through this meal and I'll give you far more than a handshake," Kurt murmured quietly as the door of the restaurant opened and someone called, "You guys just going to stand in the parking lot all night or are you coming in?"

"Sounds like a plan—if we survive this, I mean." Dave snorted softly, slipping an arm around Kurt's waist as they headed for the door.

"I love you," Kurt reminded him in a whisper as they walked into the restaurant.

"Been nice knowing you," Dave joked weakly, flashing the other man a grin.

Kurt leaned against Dave just slightly as they paused just inside the restaurant to look for Kurt's friends.

"There you are!" Rachel, thankfully, was the first to spot them. She hurried over to them and grabbed them both by the hand, pulling them toward a large corner booth. "Brace yourselves," she warned. "Finn and I have tried to temper their concerns somewhat, but I'm afraid our efforts have been to no avail. If you decide you need to leave, we can go to the steakhouse on Willow Street instead—my dads are friends with the owner, so he can get us in no matter how busy they are."

"You're a vegan," Dave pointed out with a quiet laugh, eyes darting over to the booth, where a crowd of familiar faces was watching them.

"But you, Finn, and Kurt aren’t. Besides, they make a delicious house salad," Rachel countered. "Here, we saved you seats next to us." She slid into the booth and Kurt slid in next to her, leaving Dave the seat on the end.

Dave sat down, silently grateful for his position at the table. It was perfect for an easy escape, and he was sure that was intentional. His gaze wandered around the table, tips of his ears going red when not a single pair of eyes left him. "Well, this is sufficiently awkward," he finally drawled.

Kurt cleared his throat. "Um... you all obviously remember David," he said, reaching out to to take Dave's hand where it rested on the table—and everyone's eyes focused on the movement. "... my boyfriend," Kurt added when nobody said anything.

"Yeah, about that," Puck started, but the look on his face when he abruptly stopped meant that someone—Rachel, most likely—had probably kicked him. Hard.

"No, by all means, let it out," Kurt said quietly. "But please remember that no matter what you may have tried to convince yourselves about our relationship, and whatever your opinions may be of me because of our relationship, at the end of the night I'm leaving with David."

Puck stared at Kurt for a moment, clearly wondering if it was a trick question, then frowned. "Well, I guess I just don't understand how you can just get with him after everything that's happened." he paused, "Uh, no offense, bro." Puck said, glancing at Dave.

"It's not as though I jumped into bed with him while he was shoving me into lockers," Kurt replied. He squeezed Dave’s hand for a moment, obviously trying to reassure him. "We were friends for years before we started dating. It was definitely long enough to work out any residual issues between us."

Dave just wanted to disappear. It was a feeling he hadn't really had since high school, except once at a party in sophomore year when he'd accidentally spilled his drink on the guy he liked. This, though, was nothing like that. He'd known what they were walking into, but he hadn't realized it would affect him this way. What if they were right, and Dave had no business being with Kurt, regardless of working things out?

Suddenly, he was reminded of one of the last times he'd been in this restaurant. When he'd mentioned it as a joke the month before he hadn't really thought about it, but now... Could things really have changed this much, or were he and Kurt walking into the biggest mistake of their lives?

"But how do you know he's not going to—" Mercedes, this time, but she didn't get a chance to finish her sentence.

"Hurt me? How do I know I'm not going to hurt him?" Kurt interjected, rubbing his thumb over Dave's knuckles. "I don't. But I'm going to be just as careful with him as he is with me."

Puck pulled a face, obviously having pictured them having sex. "Dude, come on," he whined.

"Emotionally," Kurt stressed, his cheeks coloring.

Dave snickered quietly, more out of embarrassment than anything, but it turned into a real laugh when the look on Puck's face grew even more uncomfortable.

"Uh, can we just... order?" Finn muttered.

Kurt waved over the waitress who'd obviously been waiting for them to be ready to order. The next few minutes were civil, if only because everyone was occupied by requesting various dishes. When the waitress finally left the table, having filled three pages of her order pad, Kurt turned his attention back to his friends. "So is the inquisition over? Because enough about me, I want to know how you're all doing."

Things were quiet for a moment before Brittany gave in and answered. "Sir Fatsalot, Esquire took up smoking..."

Kurt made a sympathetic face. "Have you tried weaning him onto the patch?" he asked.

"It won't stick to his fur," she sighed. "I'd have to shave him."

"He might like that during the warmer months," Kurt reasoned. Dave glanced at Finn, who just shook his head slightly.

"That's true." Brittany smiled. "And he'd look really cute in a little kitty sweater."

The waitress came back with their drinks then, and after she'd left again, Tina took a sip of her Sprite and announced with a wide smile, "I'm pregnant!"

"Again!" Puck added immediately after, emulating her tone and bright smile. Mike glared at him briefly, but was too happy to really care.

"How far along are you?" Dave asked, hesitantly at best.

"Four months," she replied, smile still present. "I'm not showing yet, but with Robert I didn't show until the fifth month." She pulled her phone out of her bag and thumbed through it, then asked, "Do you want to see him?"

The entire table groaned as one, but Dave's face lit up. "Sure," he agreed, Puck already getting up to get away from Tina. Dave slid out of the booth, taking the other man's seat.

Tina handed over the phone and the image of a tiny boy wearing even tinier glasses and a crooked bucket hat grinned up at Dave from the screen. "That's from his birthday party this spring," Tina explained. The next photo showed the boy in the same hat, still grinning through a face-full of cake crumbs and frosting.

"His cheeks are huge," Dave murmured, just short of actually cooing. "Is he good about keeping those on?" he asked.

"Dude," Puck hissed, nudging Kurt as he sat down next to him. "You're so lucky you can't get knocked up. Karofsky's baby crazy."

Kurt shrugged. "I like kids," he said. "It'd be nice to have one or two someday."

"The frames are shaped in a way that makes it hard for him to take them off by himself," Tina replied to Dave, "but he actually likes wearing them now, I think because he can see so much better with them on."

"They're so cute," Dave laughed, eyes staying on the phone screen as she starting bringing up new pictures.

"Did you leave your balls in Kurt's manpurse, Karofsky?" Santana snorted.

"Bite me, Beelzy."

"So who else has a life update that we wouldn't have seen online?" Kurt asked. "I mean, mine's fairly obvious, but some of the rest of you are very secretive. For example, why didn't I know you'd dyed your hair, Sam?"

Sam ran a hand through his light brown hair and laughed. "This is my natural color," he said. "I finally gave up on the lemon juice when I got some in my eye—"

Everyone at the table winced.

"My pool cleaning business is opening a new location in Fort Shawnee," Puck mentioned. Dave had heard that once Puck got together enough money to open a real office things had been doing well, but he didn't know they'd been doing that well.

"That's great, Puck," Kurt said, and from his smile it was obvious he meant it. "I heard from Carole that you won a local business award this summer, too. Congratulations."

Puck shrugged. "What can I say? I'm a business bad ass," he said with a grin. And, really, it must have been true, because the man hadn't spent so much as five minutes in a college classroom.

"Finn and I are moving to Chicago," Rachel announced then.

"We know," several people replied at once.

"Have you heard Rachel and Finn're moving to Chicago?" Dave asked. Rachel wadded up a napkin and threw it at him.

"We're excited," she snapped, hiding a smile.

The waitress came and went again, leaving several baskets of hot breadsticks on the table and, as everyone was reaching for them, Blaine, who hadn't yet said a word, announced, "Aaron asked me to marry him."

Between Rachel's squealing, Santana's catcalls, and the other various forms of congratulations, Dave was pretty sure Kurt didn't notice him carefully watching his reaction. He didn't necessarily think Kurt still had feelings for Blaine, but they had been each other's first boyfriends, and he knew that didn't count for nothing.

"Well," Kurt asked expectantly, "did you say yes?"

"Yes," Blaine beamed.

"Then I'm so happy for you," Kurt replied, smiling sincerely. Under the table, his ankle nudged Dave's and then pressed against it, and he glanced at Dave, the smile widening just slightly.

Dave didn't even try to pretend he hadn't been watching Kurt as he returned the smile. "Happy for you dude," he said to Blaine, just barely managing to actually look away from Kurt to say it.

"Thank you," Blaine replied graciously. Then he smiled knowingly at Dave, and said, "I'm happy for you, too. Both of you." He nodded at Kurt.

"I'm still a little confused," Brittany admitted, looking from Dave to Kurt.

"Just lower Sir Fatsalot's allowance so he can't afford cigarettes anymore," Kurt suggested.

"...that's a good idea," Brittany replied, looking relieved.
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23rd-Jul-2012 02:36 pm (UTC)
stupid computer ate my review :(

anyway, this was so hot it almost set my desk on fire. I need a cold shower now

I like to imagine dave as being good with kids so i enjoy it in fics and this was super cute

also, I liked the dynamics of the group even though they were not exactly friendly

and Brit-Brit was so spot on and just perfection just like Kurt indulging her
23rd-Jul-2012 02:41 pm (UTC)
Boo, computer, why you do that?

Thank you! ♥ I've alwaysalwaysalways had a big thing for Dave being kid-friendly, ngl.
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I loved every bit of it.
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hot as hell and sweet as Dave's ass... you know what I like... :-P.
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24th-Jul-2012 01:09 pm (UTC) - All hail SARKASMET !!!
So good BBs! Uber hot. Uber funny. Just all around über!
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25th-Aug-2012 06:28 am (UTC)
Its okay, Dave, I'm baby crazy too. Also, Rachel's totes a Kurtofsky fan lol *smishes her* And you guys, YOU GUYS, I'm re-reading this for the milliontieth time because you continue to be unspeakably awesome. Don't ever stop doing that, 'kay? Else I'll Spaniel Eyes at you from the other side of the globe.
25th-Aug-2012 06:35 am (UTC)
I'm so bad. I'm like three chapters behind on posting lmao. The worst part is I HAVE the chapters, bahahaha. But with Kurt OT3 Bang wrapping, and a shit ton of commission work, it just kept getting past me. I'll post this Sunday for sure. :3
25th-Apr-2013 04:10 am (UTC)
Hmm...for some reason I never commented the first time I read this, about time to correct that.
This was so hot and tender and just...yeah the sex melted my brain.
As for everyone else, Puck surprised me a little I'd always have thought it'd be more Quinn or someone having issue rather then Puck, but good to see he's a business badass ;)
And Brit, god love her. The bit about Sam was hilarious. Love the Tike :)
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